SOTG Day was Breathtaking- Captain’s opinion(Teekay)

Soweto ultimate celebrated the spirit of the day (SOTG) for the first time: it was with their arch rivals Orange farm and some of the Gauteng flying disc association (GFDA) members at the Chris Hani Sport complex -Orange farm.

A game of pick up was played and players from Orange farm and Soweto ultimate took part in different throwing competitions where winners received rockoctober discs courtesy of GFDA.

The talent on display was amazing, impressive throwing and catching.The speed, spirit, passion, and hunger.

During the pick up game. Picture by GFDA
Hit the target competition. Picture by GDFA.
After the game- GFDA members, Orange farm and Soweto ultimate players. Picture by GFDA.

Everybody was elated: smiling, enjoying the occasion. On that day I realised that Frisbee is not only about winning but building friendship, respecting one another while competing, sharing the love, knowledge of ultimate with others and also having fun while learning: gaining valuable experience. It basically teaches you more about life. You must adhere to the spirit of the game at all times – a core principle in Frisbee.

The most memorable moment for me was seeing Jay Hart, Fergus Klein and Baden Dowie spreading their love of ultimate by teaching the local kids (who came in large numbers) how to play Frisbee and also giving away the Avis dics. That was really special.

Jay teaching the local kids how to throw.

Ultimate is growing and is becoming popular in Soweto and Orange farm. Both Soweto ultimate and Orange have talented individuals and I believe it is a matter of time before we see players from these teams represent South Africa.

Thanks to Orange Farm for inviting us,it was a wonderful experience, we had fun.


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